National Medical Lab Week
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National Medical Lab Week

National Medical Laboratory Week promotes awareness and understanding of the role of medical laboratory professionals in Canada’s healthcare system. The Ontario Association of Medical Laboratories (“OAML”) applauds the vital work performed by the thousands of laboratory professionals in the community medical laboratory sector. Over the course of this week, OAML members are celebrating the contributions that medical laboratory professionals make for patients, health care providers and health care systems in Ontario and all across Canada.

This past year laboratory professionals have been working tirelessly to perform over 13 million COVID-19 laboratory tests in Ontario to help support the people of Ontario and the efforts of many other healthcare professionals to defend against the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic it is important that individuals not neglect their ongoing health care needs including participating in the ongoing provincial screening programs. Our laboratory professionals continue to ensure high-quality, safe testing and timely results for routine testing which is important to maintain optimum health. Ontario’s community laboratories perform over 120 million tests annually providing critical clinical information to primary healthcare providers for the care of their patients.

Ontario’s community laboratories are continually innovating to improve the quality of the patient experience and efficiency of laboratory services. The breadth of the community labs’ impact on healthcare across the province couldn’t be achieved if it weren’t for the dedication of the laboratory professionals working with us.