CardioRisk Calculator

The CardioRiskCalculator is available at This calculator allows for rapid assessment of Framingham Risk, Cardiovascular Age, Metabolic Syndrome and other factors supporting treatment and management of adults with dyslipidemia and risk of cardiovascular disease. A printable version of the Framingham Risk Score worksheet included in the Canadian Cardiovascular Society’s (CCS), 2012 Dyslipidemia Guidelines supplemental

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Purpose of Guidelines

The OAML’s Guidelines for Clinical Laboratory Practice are intended to support improved patient outcomes by encouraging better-informed, clinically relevant decisions about laboratory test ordering and more effective use of health care resources. The OAML strives to improve the quality of patient care by providing community healthcare practitioners with information about laboratory tests to help ensure

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Guideline Development

The OAML, through its Quality Assurance of Clinical Laboratory Practice Committee, co-ordinates the development and dissemination, implementation and evaluation of Guidelines for Clinical Laboratory Practice. A proposed guideline is developed by a working group of the Committee with input from outside experts. The proposed guideline is then submitted to the Committee as a whole and

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