Vision, Mission & Goals
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The OAML is the recognized leader and voice for laboratory services in the healthcare system in Ontario.



The Ontario Association of Medical Laboratories represents its members as a unified voice to government, other health service partners and to the public. Through research and advocacy, the OAML will:

  • Improve patient care through the advancement of leading laboratory practices;
  • Enhance the role of community laboratories by building capacity and delivering value to the system;
  • Influence the effective and efficient delivery of laboratory services and its impact on the transformation of healthcare in Ontario; and
  • Continually promote community laboratories as recognized experts.



  • Encourage the highest level of professionalism, accountability, and technical excellence in the provision of laboratory services for the benefit of people in Ontario.
  • On behalf of member laboratory services, liaise with government, professional associations and colleges and with other health sectors in matters of legislation, programs and policy.
  • Work with health service providers and government to effect positive change in the delivery of health care services in Ontario.
  • Foster communication among community laboratories.
  • Support “best use” testing in community laboratories, which results in value for public dollars in diagnostic testing.


Core Competencies:

Community laboratories have invested in expansive province-wide infrastructure and developed core competencies in:

  • Logistics Management
  • Laboratory Medicine/Scientific
  • Information Management
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Management

All of these core competencies help deliver the right test at the right time by the right provider in the most efficient way to create an accountable high quality laboratory system that is patient centered.