Ontario Lab Facts
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  • Ontario community labs have over 17 million visitors a year.
  • OAML Labs are responsible for over 95% of all patient diagnostic testing outside of hospitals.
  • 100% of patients surveyed reported that the OAML member technicians’ abilities were good or very good (2012 independent survey by the Ontario Ministry of Health)
  • The OAML has awarded more than $62,000 in scholarships to dedicated students pursuing careers in medical laboratory science
  • The OAML was founded in 1978 to be the voice of the Community Laboratory Sector in Ontario.
  • OAML member facilities are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
  • The transportation network of OAML members moves 450,000 specimens a day
  • Ontario Community Labs serve a geographic area the size of France and Spain combined, roughly 1 million square kilometers
  • The OAML has been publishing and distributing clinical practice guidelines for 19 years to more than 20,000 physicians throughout Ontario
  • Roughly 120 million tests are performed by member labs annually
  • 12 OAML Guidelines have been accepted for inclusion in the CMA’s database of evidence-based Canadian clinical practice guidelines (CPGs)